What are mobile payments? Benefits, Types, and More

What are mobile payments? Benefits, Types, and More

mobile payments
  1. Mobile payment is the payment process for goods and services through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This will include payments made in stores, online, or through peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers.
    These devices might run mobile wallet apps or peer-to-peer mobile payment apps. Either, they might enable transactions via SMS. Consumers can use mobile payment applications or credit cards to find out on mobile e-commerce sites.

How Does Mobile Payment Work?

How do mobile payments work? It depends upon an essential technology of mobile payment system. There are several types of mobile payments, and each functions differently from the others. Similarly, services may also have slight differences in actual operation.

Types of Mobile Payments

But, there are many types of mobile payments than contactless phone payments, both for remote and face-to-face payments. Let’s check out how you can pay with a mobile phone.

Point-of-sale solutions

Sound waves-based payments

Sound wave-based (or sound signal-based) mobile payments represent a newer, cutting-edge solution that works for most mobile phones. Transactions are processed without the need for the internet through unique sound waves, which contain encrypted data about the payment. Sound waves are sent to a terminal to the mobile phone to convey payment details, where the customer’s phone converts that data into analog signals that finalize the transaction.
Both in-store and remote payments

Quick response (QR) code payments

qr code

QR (quick response) codes have several uses and are often found in advertisements, product labels, and what seems to be the most random places. Not everybody knows they can also be used to pay for things too. It works through certain banking apps where your cards are already associated, and other apps by stores and providers where your card details can be connected.

Remote payments

Mobile banking

mobile banking

Mobile banking is simply an app provided by the user’s bank, by which you can conduct financial transactions directly from your bank account. This is similarly used for peer-to-peer transfers and payments to others, but bills can also be paid this way.

Benefits of Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have significantly increased as smartphones, and other mobile devices continue to advance. Here are some of the benefits of using mobile payments.


Mobile payments are one of the most suitable ways to pay for goods and services. With the progression of technology, mobile phones have become the most vital devices, as almost 81% of Americans use mobile phones nowadays. We bring our smartphones every place where we go, and they are always within our touch.


Mobile payments are fast and easy to function. Mobile payments are contactless and secure as your card number has not collaborated with others. You do not need to swipe a card or insert the credit card in a card reader, which makes these payments reckless and easy. This also terminates the need to enter your personal information like card number, password, or expiry date when you create amounts using a credit card. Mobile payment applications are symbolize, meaning they don’t have to store or share your credit card details. The app authenticates your information with your bank when you enter your card information in the app. Then it uses a token instead of your personal information.

Widely Accepted

Nowadays, mobile payments are accepting payments widely by most the retailers, and several are adding this technology fast. Customers can effortlessly keep track of their spending as digital wallets integrate into mobile apps and software. Retailers can issue electronic receipts that also help customers track their expenditures. You can rapidly complete transactions on the go with mobile payment solutions for a set of services, including electricity, water, and Wi-Fi bill payments, buying groceries, flights, trains, and movies.

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