How to Find a PF Number?

pf number

With the starter of UAN (Universal Account Number), it has become significantly easier to find out the PF account number. UAN is a unique identification number that is allotted to every account holder and remains valid for their entire lifetime. As the name suggests, the UAN remains unique to every employee. Employees can easily find out their UAN by contacting their employers. One can use either of the following options to find out the PF account number-

Visit the EPFO office

Employees can visit the EPFO office and get their UAN by visiting the EPF office and submitting their personal details in order to find their PF number or UAN. It is essential to present the identity proof and application form at the office.

Use the UAN Portal to Find out PF

If an employee knows their UAN, they can easily find the PF account by simply logging in to the EPFO Portal .

Contact the Employer

Employees can also directly contact their Employer (HR) to request the PF account number.

Look at the salary slip

In most cases, the employers mention the account number on the employee’s salary slip.

How does the PF Account Number look like- PF Account Format

The PF account number is alphanumeric. It includes the details of the EPF account office that handles the operations of the employee’s EPF account, along with the organization’s code.

What is a provident fund (PF)?

provident fund

A provident fund is an investment that is voluntarily established by employers and employees to serve as long-term savings. Which support an employee’s retirement.
Funds placed in a provident fund will be managed by an investment management company. In accordance with a specified investment policy to maximize the financial returns, given the acceptable risk level.
The provident fund, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is a unique legal entity that is fully divided between the Employer and the investment management company. Employees can therefore be confident that if the Employer or the investment management company becomes financially insolvent, the fund’s assets will not be affected by any liabilities the Employer or the investment management company may have.

Why is PF Account Number Important?

Employees can quite easily find their UAN with the help of the PF account .PF account number is a mandatory provision to withdraw the EPF balance.

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