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Xcraft Drones


Xcraft Drones  – Drones with fixed wings for gliding can travel at speeds comparable to cars, so it is feasible for them to fly ahead, checking for boulders, animals . xCraft, which has a drone that can pivot between using fixed wings or hovering like a quadcopter. While aligned to use its fixed wings, it can travel at speeds comparable to a car, so it could be used as a scout on unpopular roads, checking for fallen rocks or curious deer.

Not only is this drone fast, but it is also entirely autonomous. Since it doesn’t need a human controlling it, the only feasible way to jam it is to disable its sensors with lasers and GPS jammers. There has been millions spent on anti-drone measures, but they all seemed to rely on jamming a 2.4MHz signal used for remote-control toys. remote controls is useless against robots and it isn’t an easy task to shine a laser into the camera of a fast-moving drone.

What Are The Uses Of Drones?

Uses  Of Drones

Xcraft Drones- Drones have great potential in very diverse areas since they can move quickly over uneven or rugged terrain and overcome any obstacle, offering images or capturing other types of data from a bird’s eye view, thanks to the devices they can carry (cameras, sensor) without risks for people.

For this reason, Ferrovial is making use of drones in many of its activities, choosing the most appropriate type of drone and the sensors to be shipping  (cameras, lidar sensors, etc.) depending on the use case and the kind of data that are to be measures on each flight.

Additionally, the Digital Hub is promoting the use of drones, offering support to projects to understand the regulation better and be up to date with current regulations) and creating a ” FLY-AI ” tool that allows, among other things, the management of the necessary documentation for the use of drones efficiently, the internal approval of flights, and the inspection of infrastructures automatically through artificial intelligence algorithms.

Infrastructure Inspection

The visual inspection of infrastructures is one of the areas in which UAVs are already uses. There are two main reasons: on the one hand, the cost savings derives from the relative ease with which the infrastructure is accesses and, on the other, a  significant reduction in risk for staff.

The inspection of transmission lines in Chile is one example of using drones in Grupo Ferrovial.

Civil Works

Topographic surveys and three-dimensional models can be carry out using drones with a lidar sensor or high-resolution cameras. This allows for generating plans, analyzing the evolution of the work, and calculating volumes of earth extracts, among others.

On Roads

In the case of maintenance of viaducts near a highway, chartering a drone to carry out the analysis is much cheaper and safer than taking specialized personnel or sending a helicopter, alternatives that also consume a lot of time. Of course, it does not prevent subsequent action if a problem is detectes, but it does mean alleviating some jobs that previously will be require on-site personnel.

In Airports

Air control and security projects already exist on airport runways. An example was the project at Southampton Airport, consisting of a drone in the shape of a predator, which reduced birds on the runway by 74%, translating into a significant reduction in the airport’s operating costs.

Are Tello Drones Dependable?

A DJI/Ryze Tello is a fine little drone. They are primarily for flying indoors, but are beefy enough to fly outdoors in a very light breeze. Unfortunately, like any drone without GPS, they cannot RTH-Return To Home if they fly out of range. And they use a BlueTooth controller, or a smartphone’s /Smart Mobile  Bluetooth with the Tello app, they have got concise content, and it’s very easy to fly out of it and lose the little drone.

They’re also very tame and relatively easy to fly. They don’t have GPS, but they do have ‘downward vision’ stabilization so they’ll over in place if there’s enough light and they can see objects or texture under their little selves. Their itty-bitty camera isn’t on a gimbal, but it does provide good FPV-First Person View with the Tello app.


A drone with a current imaging camera can give us a complete state view. Spots, humidity areas, etc., or they can be used to fly over large areas of vegetation and thus facilitate their maintenance tasks.

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Written by Muzammil Khan

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