Drone Pilot Apps – Simple Process, Firm Is To Fly A Drone And More

Drone Pilot Apps

How To Make A Drone Is A Pretty Simple Process?

Drone Pilot Apps – With globalization, sourcing materials from different countries at lower prices is straightforward. Details about the parts numbers to buy will not provide or the procedure to make a drone. However, I can get you started with this hobby.

First, let us change the name from drone to RC(radio-controlled) model. It sounds good that way. But, unfortunately, the word drone is a bit demonized after the US strikes.

There are various types of models you can build. Broadly they are classified into Planes, Helicopters, Multicopters (tri-copter, quadcopter, hexacopter..), boats, cars, and bikes. Of course, the list is not exhaustive. However, most of the models can be classified into one of these.


Drone Pilot Apps -Once you decide on which kind of model you want to build, you might want to consider the size of the model. For helis, it can be 450mm or 2100mm for planes. The size of a model is essential as this will help you determine the model’s weight based on which you will need to get motors and batteries. Remember, a giant size means more cost and is easy to break. However big size also means a stable platform as well.


You decide on the model’s body before you buy any other parts. Many bodies are available online. Each has its pros and cons.


Usually, brushless motors are used. There are runners & outrunners. In runners, only the shaft of the motor rotates. In outrunners, the whole of the upper body revolves. However, not getting into the theory of these parts. Drone Pilot Apps  Also, the engine’s size depends on your model’s size. It would help to consider how much weight these motors can pull or push.


Various types of batteries are available in the market. Nowadays, LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries are used as they are light, and power density is high. The vocabulary of these batteries goes like this -> XSYP Zmah. LiPos are 3.7V batteries. They are clubbed together to generate a higher voltage. So the name indicates X batteries in series & Y batteries in parallel, and Z is the battery’s storage capacity.

It would help if you got a balance lipo charger to charge these batteries. Since it is a series of batteries, sometimes one battery might get overcharged, leading to issues. This is where the balance charger comes in, and doesn’t let this happen.

How Firm Is It To Fly A Drone?

Drone Pilot Apps Fly

When you are behind the windshield with a stick or yoke in your hand, left and right and up and down are always the same, and the feedback from the actual horizon or instruments is immediate. So I think driving a car and turning the wheel help get these fundamental skills in our heads.

It is a lot more difficult when you’re standing on the ground with a drone coming at you, left and right are reversed, and some people, including me, have a hard time getting used to controlling the drone if it’s headed toward them. It took me hours of practice before I could reliably control a drone heading at me and not spazz out and fly it into a bush or tree.

Which Kind Of Motor Is Used In A Drone?

There are two kinds of motors used in multi-rotors (drones).

Brushed: (aka DC, coreless)

This motor is commonly found in all toy-grade multi-rotors, such as the Syma X5, Blade Nano QX, UDI 818A, etc. Even the Parrot AR Drone uses coreless motors. Smaller versions of the coreless engine look like tall shiny silver spray paint cans. So if your multirotor is more significant than your palm and uses gears to transfer motor power to the propellers, it probably has coreless motors.

Outrunner Brushless

You’ll usually find these motors on photography multi-rotors like the DJI Phantom series, 3DR Solo, Yuneec Q500 series, and Traxxas Aton, and in racing multi-rotors like the 250mm kit quadcopters. The appearance of brushless motors varies from manufacturer, but generally, they are short and stout. Multirotors that use brushless motors always mount their propellers directly to the motor shafts.


Beginners drone pilots need to familiarize themselves with local regulations regarding drone usage, which may impose restrictions on the maximum flight height and other aspects of drone operation.

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Written by Muzammil Khan

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