What is Incognito Mode?

incognito mode

Incognito mode is a browse feature that permits you to surf the mesh without a record of your search past, cookies, or other provisional data saved on your device, making your session unseen to other device users.
The majority of web browsers (which you use to access the internet) keep a record of the websites and pages you visit by default. By storing your ‘history,’ you can easily find and revisit content later on.
Most browsers have an option to temporarily suspend this record-keeping, meaning the web pages you visit will be kept private – at least to anyone else using that same browser.
Every browser has a different name for the setting. In Chrome, it’s Incognito Mode. Microsoft Edge, it’s InPrivate Mode. In Safari, it’s Private Browsing, and in Firefox, it’s Private mode.

Is Incognito Mode Really Private/Safe?

incognito mode on off

The browser won’t keep a record of your activity, but this doesn’t mean a description of the pages you visit won’t exist. For example, if you visited BBC News using private browsing, its analytics would record your (relatively anonymized) on-site activity, even though your device wouldn’t.
Any website you have an account with and sign in to – Instagram, for example – would keep records of where and when you accessed your budget too.
Similarly, most search engines you use could keep records of the searches you make, unless you tell them not to. And If you’re using a school or work network, the IT department can probably see records of your activity.
Finally, but fundamentally, your broadband provider will also likely keep records of what you do online. And if you were accused of pirating movies online, for example, a movie studio or distributor could take legal action to get your browser history from your broadband provider in order to seek damages from you.

Pro’s of Incognito Mode

People may choose to use incognito mode to take advantage of it’s privacy benefits, including:

Extension-free Browsing Experience

If you regularly use browser allowances or toolbars while surfing the internet. Opening an incognito mode is a quick way to search without any delays or toolbars interfering with your experience.

Private Browsing on Shared Devices

Incognito mode is an excellent choice for those who are using shared devices because your browsing history will not be manageable by other people sharing the device.

Protects Sensitive Data on Shared Devices

Every time you take the exit of an incognito mode, your login information, cookies, and other temporary browsing files are wiped out from the device. That way, if anyone else visits the same site as you, your account will be logged out, keeping unauthorized users from retrieving your accounts.

Prevents Some Forms of Internet Tracking

After completion a browsing session using incognito mode, your browse will clear cookies from your device automatically. This can help avoid companies from tracking you and may limit your introduction to targeted advertisements and active pricing. Keep in mind that not all browsers block third party cookies by default, so even though cookies will not be store on your device. Your activity may still be traced by the sites you visit.

Why People Use Incognito Mode?

Doing a private search that removes your browsing past can be helpful in certain circumstances. Because some cookies are deleted at the end of your search. You will see fewer ads than in a standard search.
If there is something, you do not want to keep in your browser past. An incognito search can keep your activity isolated. It is also a good idea to use incognito mode when using a free device or a hired computer to protect your data.
Incognito mode is even supportive if you want to do a search that’s not prejudice by your browsing past or to see your blog or website from a fresh perspective.


So, If you want to complete an online anonymity, you can use more secure choices than the incognito mode. Virtual Private Networks and the Tor browser are the most secure way for private browsing. In this article, we have seen what is incognito mode, how it helps achieve private browsing and its limitations. Please find this article helpful.

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Written by Muzammil Khan

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