How Does Virtual Keyboard Work?

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The virtual keyboard is an innovation in product software that allows an alternative to the use of a conventional computer keyboard. Sometimes referred to as a laser keyboard. It provides a simple and effective solution for persons who are unable to operate standard keyboards. Currently, there are several emulation programs on the market today that can add to any desktop or laptop system and create a virtual keyboard environment.
Loading the software for a virtual keyboard is no different from loading any software package. Once in place, the keyboard can be activated and allow to reside on the desktop for easy access. When it comes to working the keyboard. Different software packages will make use of different input devices. In some cases, the actual keyboard is used to activate the virtual component, and then the mouse can be used to move over the virtual keys, allowing the user to type by which they are selecting the correct keys on the display. This format is often very helpful for persons who are suffering from any condition that limits the mobility of the hands.

How Does a Virtual Keyboard Work?

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To use a virtual keyboard, you need to have a touchscreen keyboard or a physical keyboard connected to your laptop or mobile device via a USB cable. While typing, make sure to tap on any one of the virtual keyboard hotkeys that will provide you with a list of words starting with that key. In the end, once you are done typing, hit the ‘Enter’ key.

Why Should You Use an On-Screen Keyboard?

Virtual keyboard can be seen as a “virtual employee” which interacts with the website user through various functions, such as: word prediction, text composition, and file management. Because a virtual keyboard is actually a computer terminal. It has the same advantages as any other computer terminal, including minimal cost, minimal power consumption, minimal downtime for maintenance or other repairs. And the ability to perform tasks even when the internet or server is not functioning. As long as all these factors are in place, then there is no reason why the benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Prevention (VA&P) should be overlooked.
The VA&P focuses on the traffic that the website is generating and ensures cybersecurity. If the traffic is being developed by a legitimate user, or by an illegal or fraudulent one. For instance, there might be a flood on the website in order to obtain someone’s personal or financial information. This might result in the flooding of the server, and that would be consider fraudulent activity.

How to Prevent Cyber-Attacks Using a virtual keyboard?

According to cybersecurity experts, you may often receive a .exe (executable) file as an email attachment. You can immediately realize the threat and delete the email. However, malware injected by the keyloggers can have .doc, .mp3. And any such extension that you may not suspect. You end up clicking on the file. When you click on the file, the app or software gets install on your computer within a few seconds. Once established, the person who is controlling the keylogger receives access to all the keystrokes used by the email user. The risk is higher with the share of computers as the data can also be download by the person who inject the malware.
However, using an onscreen keyboard will prevent the keylogger from tracking the password keyed. Thus, working as an additional shield for your online banking transactions.
Virtual keyboards are a great way to protect yourself when surfing the internet, no matter where your computer is. Although not completely secure, having a virtual keyboard on your computer will ensure that you are essentially ‘preventing’ hackers from getting into your files. While it is true that cyber offenders may be able to gain access to your data. If they can’t log into a virtual keyboard, then your information is safe.

Why Do Some Users Avoid a Virtual Keyboard?

However, the on-screen keyboards may not be the right fit for everyone because they can support a minimal number of popular types of keys. It may only be able to support a small number of common languages, like English or Spanish. And it can be limit to characters in these two languages.
Some of its other disadvantages are that most users find the interface of a virtual keyboard challenging to use and that it cannot provide visual feedback. If you type text input letters without seeing them. You may miss some of the letters, or they may collide with each other.


Virtual Keyboard uses sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any surface as if it were a keyboard. Projection keyboards or virtual keyboards claim to provide the convenience of compactness with the advantages of a full-blown QWERTY keyboard.

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