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The Suunto 3 Fitness Review  – A smartwatch is a multipurpose device. The device that helps you communicate and keeps you updated or tracks how you maintain your health. It is a beneficial device for health tracking.

Before starting the exercises, you must select the type of training from the list. There are exotics: cheerleading and squash. During each workout, the watch displays critical data: time, distance, heart rate, and number of steps or punches. Detailed information about each exercise can be found in the training log. What the watch will display depends on the sport.

How To Measure Of Speed And Distance Calibration?


Suunto 3 Fitness can measure speed and distance while running and walking using the watch’s built-in accelerometer. However, the accelerometer must be calibrated based on stride length and movement. The eye cannot measure speed and distance if not calibrated.

The stress-free way to calibrate your watch is to record your first run or walk with a connected GPS (See Connected GPS ). Speed and distance Change is done in the background when you use your mobile phone’s GPS.

To Calibrate Your Watch

Record a running or walking exercise with a known distance (for example, on a track) for at least 12 minutes; see Recording an activity.

Modifstretchstance after the workout is finished in summary by pressing the center button when the distance is highlighted.

Sport Modes

Your watch comes with a wide selection of predefined sports modes. The modes have been designed for specific activities and purposes, from walking outdoors to cross-country skiing.

While recording an exercise (see Recording a workout), you can scroll up or down to see the list of sports modes. Select the Other icon at the bottom to see the complete list of stylish sports.

Each sport mode has a single set of screens that show not the exact data depending on the selected sport mode. You can edit and customize the data on the watch face during your exercise with the Suunto app.

To Activate Power Saving Options

  1. Before starting an exercise recording, press the bottom button to open the sport mode options.
  2. Scroll down to Energy Saver. And press the center button.
  3. Adjust the power-saving options to your liking and hold the center button to exit these options.
  4. Scroll back up to the initial view and start your exercise as usual.

What Is The Best Use For Fitness Watch?

Fitness trackers have a variety of different functions, and some of them work better than others. Here’s a rundown of what fitness bands can do, as well as the technology behind them:

Count Your Steps. Every fitness tracker contains an accelerometer, a device that measures how fast something changes its speed or direction. Using this tool, the tracker can count your steps and measure your movements from side to side or up and down.

Measure Other Movements. Fancier trackers also contain various other sensors to track your movement. For instance, they can use a gyroscope, which can spin in any direction around a fixed axis, to figure out whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down. A barometer measuring atmospheric pressure can calculate your altitude to determine how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed. And a tiny GPS unit can track your location, which is handy for recording your route on a long run or bike ride.


The Suuntos web apps are easier to use on the smartwatch side. It is suitable for casual users, and their training watches are on par with Suunto while having more reasonable options that are as good.

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