Stylish Water Bottles You Can Use – As per 2023

stylish water bottle

The stylish water bottles will help you stay hydrated throughout the day, and we’ve tried and tested the best models out there to see which ones we prefer carrying with us on the go.
According to research, approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, which can cause fatigue, weakness, and loss of stamina: Engineering and Medicine. So, we’re not drinking enough, but how do we fix it?

Carrying one of the stylish water bottles can help you stay accountable and measure just how much you’re sipping as you move through your day. Our fitness editor recently drank a gallon of water every day for a month, and there are plenty of benefits up for grabs, including aiding digestion (feeling bloated after a workout? Here’s why) and carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells.
Most brands now offer buyers high-tech features like insulation and fluid intake monitoring, with extra-large sizes to suit hikers or endurance runners. However you prefer to get your juices, we tested some of the stylish water bottles on the market to see what they can offer you and whether they’re worth your investment.

Best water bottles you can buy right now 2023

stylish water bottle types

1. Chilly’s Series 2 Bottle

While I maintain there has been a decline in aesthetics, everything that I disliked about the Original has been rectified here. The Original has a ridge bottom which is noisy and wobbles if a table is knocked, whereas the Series 2 has a flat silicone base that grips any surface and is quiet to set down. The loop on the handle makes it far easier to carry, and the antimicrobial neck keeps it cleaner for longer.

The lip, for me, is well-sized. If it’s too large, you risk spilling water all over your clothes; too small, and it’s not a comfortable fit for the mouth. Chilly’s is just right. I also find that, while some steel bottles can leave a slight lingering metallic flavor, these ones don’t. I like the textured feel of the bottle, which makes it a little less slippery than some steel options and prevents it from feeling too cold or hot to the touch. Water stays hot for a long time – though I’m not sure about the 12 hours claim. And remains cold throughout the day; ideal if you’re on a long walk or a hike.

But nothing is perfect, and unfortunately, the silicone base started peeling away after only a few uses. I imagine it’s easily superglue, but it isn’t enjoyable. I should have to consider that. Besides that, it’s an evolution from the Chilly’s Original bottle, and I’d recommend it to anyone after a durable, sporty, or office stylish water bottles.

2. Stanley Go Quick Flip Water Bottle

It promises to retain the temperature of cold drinks for 12 hours and iced drinks for 40. And I’ve also found it to be an excellent option for a keeping my morning cuppa warm. Thanks to the leak-proof design. I can make my tea at home and throw it in my rucksack as I get the train to work, and it’s still warm on the other side.

The bottle cap operates via a big button that snaps open the lid. When shut, it can be secure with a metal ring that folds over the control and clicks into place with a satisfying clack. What can’t be seen in the image above is a square looped handle for easy carrying.

Occasionally, the lid’s button didn’t snap the lid open straight away, and it’s definitely bulkier than the Chilly’s above, designed with hiking and adventure at the forefront. But it’s a sturdy, well-insulated bottle that is adaptable for just about every situation.

3. Hydro Flask with Flex Straw Cap

I’m generally against water bottles with straws, and I find them unhygienic and difficult to clean. This Hydro Flask has changed my mind. My bottle arrived with the standard cap, but I ordered the Flex Straw Cap separately to try it out. It comes in a pack with two straws, which you trim to fit the size of your bottle and fit into the lid.

It was easy enough to do, although I do wish it would come already put together as it was tricky judging the height at which to cut the straw. The lid has a flexible insert that connects the straw and can be remove for easy cleaning. The straw itself can be thrown into the dishwasher, which puts my mind at ease, hygiene-wise.

Looks-wise, I can’t complain, either. The Hydro Flask features a compact design with a powdered coating and a choice of nine colors. My favorite was the rain color, a pale blue. The bottom is slightly indent in the middle for a stable base, and after a month of using it, I can confirm it’s durable and keeps water ice cold.

My one gripe is that the lid is stiff to operate – meaning anyone with joint issues or frail hands will struggle. The straw takes a lot of force to pull open. So, I’ve ended up just leaving it up if I’m sitting with the bottle at my desk. If you’re up to the challenge of prying open the straw every time you want a sip – this is your bottle. And if you’d instead it without the straw, you can buy the regular flex-cap version instead.

4. Lululemon Back to Life Sport Bottle

I love this sports bottle from Lululemon, which has a twisty cap that flips open to reveal a small chug hole – it’s the perfect size for fitting your mouth without leaving room for spillage. The loop handle also makes it easy to carry around the gym, and it’s sturdy enough that it doesn’t flip back and bonk your nose as you drink.

Unlike other sports bottles, it’s also beautifully design. I love the blue linen color (shown above). The powdered coating means it doesn’t slip, even with sweaty hands, and the ridged edging on the lid makes the cap easy to twist off. The relatively large branding down the side is a turn-off for me, though at least it’s subtle in color. That said, Lululemon is a prestigious fitness brand that I imagine many would be proud to show off.

I do think £38 is a little expensive for a water bottle, but for that, you’ve got one that’s excellently built, has all the features you need in a gym water bottle, and also looks good enough to take to the office.

5. Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle

It’s hard to make a water bottle stand out from the crowd in such a saturate market. But Contigo’s Autoseal technology is the best leak-proof design I’ve seen. It works by pressing a button at the back of the lid, which opens the small drinking valve. The trigger action means it snaps shut as soon as you take your finger off the back of the cover.

Of course, the downside to this design is that you have to hold the bottle by the lid to reach the button. Which is a little uncomfortable when the bottle is full and heavy with water. However, if you’re anything like me and have a constant fear of your drink spilling in your bag (been there too many times). There’s not a chance of anything leaking here, even with the flip cap open.

The body curves inwards around three-quarters of the way up so you can wrap the rest of the hand around the body as you press the lid. I’d suggest it really needs to be a little higher, though I do have small hands.

For the clever auto seal technology and excellent insulation, all for less than £20, I think this bottle has the best value for money on this list.

What do you think?

Written by Muzammil Khan

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