Most Important Mobile Apps – About, Term App Come From, And More.

Most Important Mobile Apps


Most Important Mobile Apps  – Yes, Everyone uses mobile devices. The app is the best communication channel with customers/readers/clients. In addition, the mobile app can help you improve your business and make real money through advertising.

Today, the availability of mobile apps is growing, causing a significant change in how humans experience and compute. For example, a few years ago, one had to use a computer to access the Internet, check emails, and read, but today it has changed because computing is now being carried everywhere on mobile phones.

Where Does The Term App Come From?

term Mobile Apps

The term App is the abbreviation of Application, and as such, it has always been used to name these in their different versions.

Being a commonly used word in the world of software, the term App began to be used mainly to refer to mobile applications in 2008, after the achievement of three essential milestones in the history of applications, the launch of the Apple App Store, the publication of the first SDK for Android and the subsequent but almost immediate launch of the Android Market.

As a result of the rapid popularization of the term and the current fashion for mobile applications, it is common to hear people familiar with the computer world abuse the time and use it indiscriminately for any software application, generating unnecessary confusion.

Who Do You Need To Create An App?


Before choosing the professionals in charge of launching your project, you must forecast the cost of hiring an app developer.

When investing in an app, do not be guided by suspiciously cheap offers. Instead, hiring a professional team is better, even though this makes the budget more expensive. Remember, the future of your idea depends on them.

What Professionals Do You Turn To Create An App?

We have prepared a complete list of  people who would be involved in the creation of your app :

Initial Phase

Project Manager. He manages the entire team and will help you with your business plan to monetize the app so you can get a return on investment as soon as possible. It is a job you can do alone, but we recommend having this figure if you are not an expert.

 Development Phase

Designer. Before playing code, the designer is in charge of shaping your app’s initial sketch or wireframe. Along with the programmer, he is one of the most influential figures in your team.

Application developer or programmer. He is responsible for carrying the entire workload and programming your app’s code. The platform (or platforms) for which you develop your app will be decisive when choosing one programmer or another since usually each is specialized in a different one.

Backend developer. It is in charge of implementing the interaction between the user and the website. In other words, this professional takes care of something like the hidden part of the system.

Launch Phase

Marketing team. Good communication and marketing specialists are essential for users to download your app and, ultimately, for it to grow. Your marketing team will accompany you throughout the life of the Application.

How Long Does It Take To Launch An App?

Again, this question will depend on many factors. The scope of your project, the complexity of the Application itself, and the experience of the developers are determining factors in delivery times. To give you an idea, creating an app for two different platforms like iOS and Android, can take up to 6 months. The time will increase if we also need some administration panel to manage our app.


Most Important Mobile Apps  – Apps are programs designed to be run on our mobile devices, tablets, smart watches, etc. As mentioned above, they allow users to access information, perform interactions, or access services. A mobile application is not installed on a device but on an operating system.

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