Mobile Apps To Learn Coding – About, Method Of Learn Coding, And More

mobile apps to learn coding


Mobile Apps To Learn Coding – Knowledge of core Java is required for learning Android development. You can learn Android in 3–4 months if you know core Java. Yet, if you don’t understand core Java, at least one month is required to learn it.

Android App Development For A Beginner

As a beginner with zero background in App development, you begin from scratch by learning Java or C++. Thus, it will take a particular time for you to get hands-on knowledge of these programming languages. Afterward, you can transition to Android app development, learn fundamentals and frameworks, develop a few essential apps, and then continue.

What Are The Methods A Mobile Apps Learn Coding?

Mobile Apps To Learn

Join A Training Institute

If you are willing to spend some money, join a training institute. The advantage will be an experienced person in the field will teach you Android, and you’ll also get certified, thus helping in future jobs.

Join A Workshop

If you are still in college, companies often run workshops in institutes to promote themselves. For example, I learned Android this way. Indeed, a certificate of workshop is lower in value than a certification course, but this will help you get started and will be an excellent boost.

Learning On Your Own

Last but not the least is learning on your own. There are plenty of tutorial websites on the internet which are teaching Android to budding developers.

What Are Fundamentals Mobile Apps To Learn Coding?

Have the Bare Smallest Knowledge Of Java: Android is coded in Java, but you need not know the entire language. The basics will do. After that, you’ll catch up with it.

Software: You will need Java Development Kit (JDK), Android Studio IDE, and Android SDK (which can be downloaded from the Android Studio itself). Download all these programs and install them. JDK is less than 200 MB in size. Android Studio IDE is 300 MB. The SDK is massive, nearly 1 GB after installation (for the latest Android version).

An Android Phone: Although this is optional, emulators tend to be very slow. Get an Android phone and enable developer options. After that, allow USB debugging, and you can use your phone to install and debug applications from the Studio.

Read The Tutorials: Start with the hello world program and familiarize yourself with the environment. Then head to essential elements of GUI, their coding, Activities, etc. But do not get excited and jump to a higher level immediately. I know it is fun, but you’ll be saturating your mind in the end.

What Are the Top Apps To Learn To Program?

Many Mobile apps to learn to code are available on Google Play, but only a few are worth your time. Next, we select the best ones that you can download if what you want is to enter the world of programming in the best possible way:




Programming Hub



Programming Hero

Code Hub

Khan Academy

Android app development is innovative, fast-paced, and promising. That said, mastering Android programming is not something you can pull off overnight. It takes time and patience. The career perspective in the field ranges from freelancing to corporate employment. Plus, with a little entrepreneurial mindset, self-employment as well. In line – the economic opportunities available to an Android developer are extensive.

How Many Periods Do To Become An Android Developer?

Learning how to create Android apps starts with a genuine interest in computers. An inclination towards IT, in general, from a young age boosts your skill with app development in the future. But, if you are 40, wake up one day, and decide to be an app developer with the right mindset, you sure can.

It is difficult to determine a given situation’s accurate and realistic timescale since it relies on the learner’s motivation, focus, and a certain level of nack to assess their success.


In The end, I want to clarify that coding learning depends on how dedicated you are to developing apps. And your interest in programming. For example, a basic game like a flappy bird may take a complete beginner a couple of months because of the initial learning curve.

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Written by Muzammil Khan

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