Mobile Apps For Light Entertainment – How It Is?, Lightweight Browsers, And More

How Is The Mobile Apps For Light Entertainment_

How Is The Mobile Apps For Light Entertainment?

Mobile Apps For Light Entertainment – It is true that our smartphones have more and more storage capacity. And at least in theory, but many people still need to do crazy things to install and update applications. So our mobiles have more space, but the applications are also becoming heavier.

Luckily, some developers have decided to get down to business to create very light applications that need very little space on your mobile. So here we have selected ten light applications with which you can perform the main functions of mobile without leaving you without free space.

What Are The Lightweight Browsers?

There are many lightweight browsers – here are eight – but we have decided to stick with the mini version of UC Browser, an old acquaintance. It occupies approximately 1.5 megabytes, has an acceptable interface for its small size, and includes a few added features.

For example, it has a built-in video downloader, an incognito mode to browse in complete privacy, a fast method that speeds up loading and minimizes data usage, a night mode, and even a QR code reader.

Skype Lite

Since I discovered Skype’s light version, I haven’t looked back. While “normal” Skype takes up about 100 MB of space, the Lite version is around 20 MB. It’s lighter, faster, and has everything you need.

Skype Lite also emphasizes data savings, which never hurts. The downside is that it is only available in India on Google Play. The rest of us mortals need to download the APK and install it.

LinkedIn Lite

The professional social network owned by Microsoft also has a light version. LinkedIn Lite takes up less space than the official version and does the same thing. You have at your disposal the biography, the job search, the search for contacts, and your profile, besides the integrated messaging of the system.

LinkedIn Lite is available on Google Play in a limited number of regions, and you can check if this is your case by visiting its tab. In any case, nothing prevents you from downloading and installing its APK.

How The Apps Improve Performance?

Improve Performance

There is a type of application called “boosters”, and they release many promises they do not keep. Its supposed aim is to clean your mobile so that it goes faster and is optimized, consuming less battery and saving RAM. To do this, they offer graphs and cleaning or speed recovery percentages that are often fraudulent.

In most cases, the only thing this type of application does is closing the applications you don’t use, something that your mobile can do on its own since iOS and Android usually suspend them after a particular time so that they don’t consume as much. Closing apps that you will open later causes you to use more battery than keeping them open. They also often clear the cache to clear memory, something you can easily do alone.

In exchange for these two or three things that you don’t need because your mobile already allows you to do something as standard, these apps tend to flood you with advertising and notifications, so they end up bothering you more than they help. So, if you have one installed, you lose nothing by deleting it from your mobile.

Apps With Duplicate Or Pre-Installed Features

All manufacturers have a list of pre-installed applications, with which they seek for their users to have all the necessary tools to use the mobile in their day-to-day life as standard. But often, you may prefer to use similar ones to the pre-installed ones, and when you do, you can uninstall them without problems.

For example, if you have a mobile with a cloud storage system, you may prefer to use Google or another third party. And so with all. Besides this, it is also not recommended to maintain two apps that serve the same purpose. Of course, you may install them to test which one work best for you, but keeping them both is an unnecessary waste of space.


Mobile Apps For Light Entertainment – Most of the antiviruses available for your mobile, especially the unknown and free ones, will not help you much. Thus, unless you use an antivirus from a renowned, you can uninstall most of the ones you can find without a problem.

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Written by Muzammil Khan

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