How Mobile Apps Help Businesses – About, Benefits, And More

Mobile Apps Help Businesses


How Mobile Apps Help Businesses – Companies use mobile applications to monitor and manage processes and plan and coordinate strategies and critical activities for them. These technologies allow more efficient work, increase profits, or reduce costs.

They are also fundamental in marketing strategies when exclusive services are offered, or you want to promote increased customer interaction. Sometimes its use allows users to opt for discounts, promotions, or information of absolute value.

Many people in the past decade said that mobile apps are the future, and they’re not wrong – look at where we are right now. Mobile apps are top-rated and, without question, enhance our lives.

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Apps Helping Businesses?

How Mobile Apps Help Businesses -Mobile apps exist as something more than just an incredible technology. It all depends on how creative the company gets. While there are still a lot of free applications on the market, some of them are the source of the company’s direct sales in addition to traditional channels. That’s why mobile apps are good for business.

Some app-based businesses generate profits from only application market downloads. Some of them have fixed prices for as low as one dollar. Others come with Pro or Premium features that users pay for after downloading from the store. Finally, some apps come with a monthly subscription payment. These scenarios help companies sell their product, bring in new customers, and generate direct sales using a single finger tap.

Mobile apps for business are the assets that work for you while you rest. The software serves clients at night, on weekends, and holidays. There are two powerful functions of mobile applications in the grand scheme of your company’s growth:

  • They drive user traffic. New traffic expands the user base, meaning more new interactions with a business.
  • Personalized user experience establishes trust between a company and its customer. This means more sales.

How A Smart Phone Or A Mobile Phone Is Dangerous To Our Health And On Brain?

Mobile Phone

Smartphones are one of the few devices that have developed an integral part of our daily lives. They are almost like an extension of us at this point. Almost everybody has one, so much so that a recent report from the World Bank listed that the world’s poorest households are more likely to have the right to use mobile phones rather than toilets. As a result, humans’ dependency on technology is growing alarmingly.

How Dangerous A Smartphone App For Brain

Mobile phones/Smartphones emit Electromagnetic radiation(EMR) when they connect with Network towers or WiFi devices. Espouser to EMR creates severe health issues like Headache, dizziness, learning, memory problems, hearing challenges, altered sleep, brain cancer, tumor, lower sperm counts, etc.

How To Protect Yourself?

  • Keep your cell phone from your body when you are not using it.
  • Do not sleep with your cell phone nearby your bed.
  • Use a headset or speakerphone when creating calls.
  • Limit your cell phone use when the signals are weak, as your phone puts out greater than normal levels of radiofrequency energy during those times.
  • Limit exposure to downloading or uploading large files or streaming audio or video, as these situations are associated with higher-than-normal radiation levels.
  • Text rather than call when possible.

How Does Smartphone Affect The  Development Of The Brain?

It is not smartphones that affect the development of the brain. It the way one uses them. It is the same argument people say about money, guns, drugs, etc., being evil or detrimental. None of those things are “bad.” It is how one uses or interacts with them. For example, 200mg of Tylenol can do wonders for pain. On the other hand, 5 grams will kill you.

Similarly, smartphones themselves are just objects. The problem lies with the users who become addicted to instant gratification. But, of course, you can get instant gratification from drugs too. Or TV. Or anything. It’s just that smartphones are so common and so easy to get instant gratification from, which is why people say they cause your brain to develop improperly.

Just be conscious of how you are using it. For example, if you spend 5 hours a day looking at memes or Instagram posts, the problem isn’t the smartphone.


Mobile phones are designed to be incredibly useful and provide instantaneous information and feedback in all sorts of ways. We use all kinds of social media on them, and therefore there is no break from social media and other related types of internet programs/apps, and our brain is on all the time. Since we are incredibly status-conscious, being primates and social beings, what this produces in us is addiction.

What do you think?

Written by Muzammil Khan

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