Electronic Equipment – Definition, Uses, And More

Electronic Equipment


Electronic Equipment  – An electronic appliance or device is an object that consists of electronic components. It is organized into circuits to control and take advantage of electrical signals—the purpose of a computer process. Unlike electrical devices, electronic devices store, send, or transport electricity.

An Electronic Equipment control system includes sensors, controllers, output devices such as actuators and relays, final control elements such as valves and dampers, indicating, interfacing, and accessory devices.

However, electronics allow us to communicate from anywhere to everywhere. So now we can say that where ever we see in the modern day lifestyle, either in Kitchen, home, Office, factory, railway, airport, etc., we see only electronic items which influence us in either one way or another.

What  Are the Uses Of Electronics Equipment And What Are They?


There are several Electronic equipment and electrical equipment used for communication purposes. However, these devices help the transmission and reception of information over various communication networks. Here are some examples:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Landline Phones
  3. Two-Way Radios
  4. Televisions
  5. Satellite Communication Systems
  6. Routers and Modems
  7. Wireless Access Points
  8. Network Switches
  9. VoIP Phones
  10. Fax Machines

What Industries Use Heavy Equipment?

However, many industries use heavy equipment for various applications, including:

Construction: Heavy equipment is used in the construction industry for excavation, grading, paving, and building construction.

Mining: Heavy equipment is used in the mining industry for tasks such as drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling of ore and minerals.

Agriculture: Heavy equipment is used in the agriculture industry for plowing, tilling, planting, harvesting, and transporting crops.

Forestry: Heavy equipment is used in the forestry industry for logging, tree felling, and transporting wood products.

Transportation: Heavy equipment is used in the transportation industry for road construction, maintenance, and repair, as well as the construction and maintenance of bridges and tunnels.

Manufacturing: Heavy equipment is used in the manufacturing industry for tasks such as material handling, assembly, and transportation of finished goods.

Oil and Gas: Heavy equipment is used in oil and gas for drilling, well completion, and oilfield production.

Demolition: Heavy equipment is used in the demolition industry for tasks such as tearing down buildings and other structures.

Complete, heavy equipment is used in various industries to perform various tasks, and its versatility and power make it an essential part of many operations.

How To Electronics Equipment In-Plane?

It is subject to the type of material used to manufacture the Plane. For example, if it is made up of non-conductive material, it would need a dipole electrical system, where you have both the positive and negative wiring, which connects the generator(s)/ alternator(s) to the necessary equipment.

The negative connection is earthed in a unipolar system if the Plane is made of a conductive material like Aluminum. The airframe acts as a negative connection and carries the current from the generator to the equipment. The current can then return to the generator through positive physical wiring. The advantage of this system to that of a dipole system is that the amount of wiring required is reduced by half, reducing both the cost and complexity.

One of the essential steps of refueling a Plane on the ground is bonding it to the fuel truck. Fuel flowing can cause a charge build-up in the fuelling hardware causing a difference in charge. This can produce a spark and can even blow up the Plane. We do not want that. So the bonding cable is used to even out the charge between the Plane and the truck.


Electronics are the need of the hour and are now crucial to human life. For example, we can use electronic products to entertain ourselves through mobile devices, Televisions, etc.

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